Vice President


ruth-ann-shamblinSensei Shamblin began her training in 1979 under Master J.C. Burris. As a kyu rank her accomplishments included a two time championship for 1982 and 1983 of the P.K.A. Tournament Circuit.  Sensei Shamblin was promoted to sho-dan January 16, 1984 and began instructing at a local college the following Summer. She averages six classes per semester in karate and kickboxing. Sensei Shamblin was a former member of the International Isshinryu Karate Association (I.I.K.A.) but left that organization to join the O.K.U. in 1987.

Black belt achievements include:

  • First women to receive I.I.K.A. Karateka Of The Year
  • T.K.C. Tournament Circuit four time winner
  • 1990 World Sport Jujitsu silver & gold medalist against sixteen deferent countries
  • O.K.U. Individual Achievement
  • O.K.U. Lifetime Achievement
  • O.K.U. Shimabuku Award
  • 1992 inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Fighter of the Year
  • A.A.U. National bronze medals in both kumite and weapons in 1999
  • First woman to become a member of the O.K.U. board of Directors
  • One of only two women to be tested and promoted to the rank of 6th-Dan by the O.K.U. Promoted to 7th dan in July of 2012.
  • Tournament Director for the Isshin Ryu Hall of Fame

Sensei Shamblin the owner of Shamblin’s School of Karate since 1990 and states as her greatest accomplishment the opportunity to teach Isshin-Ryu and help the art retain integrity and longevity. Sensei Ruth Ann Shamblin has one son, Chris.